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BANC membership has several benefits. Membership fees help BANC organize a variety of high-quality programs and events for the community.

BANC Member Benefits

BANC Cultural Events

Cultural programs are at the heart of our hallmark events: Durga Puja , Rabindra- Nazrul  Jayanti , Dol, NoboBorsho and Saraswati Puja

These are wonderful occasions to showcase budding talent, immerse in our culture and acquire an enriching experience. Participation and performances are exclusively for our member families, age no bar.

BANC Annual Magazine (Diganta)

Members have the opportunity to contribute articles and artwork to our annual publication:                                                                      Diganta, as well as serve on the Diganta Editorial Board. Diganta is our attempt to give flight to the creativity within us, celebrate our accomplishments, create a cultural network and provide resources for our members.

An intrinsic part of Diganta is an updated Member Directory that has a listing of our members and their contacts. Over the years, the directory has become a valuable resource for getting to know each other in the community!

 Members receive a complimentary copy of Diganta at Durga Puja.

Annual Picnic

Members participate in this summer tradition- our annual picnic at one of the many scenic recreational parks in the Triangle. Spend a lazy day with authentic “bangali” jhaal muri, puchka, lots of grilled veggies, fish and meat… and yes, desserts and fruits! There is awesome food, sports for kids and adults, music, prizes…. and oh, did we mention food??

This is a gathering that happens once a year and involves fun, fun and only fun – for our members!

BANC Committees

An opportunity to both lead and serve this wonderful community at the same time! BANC members can serve on one of several committees: Executive, Election, Constitution and various Sub Committees - Cultural and Technical. In addition, our General Body meetings are open only to our members. Members also receive financial updates on a regular basis.

Our rules for serving in leadership role are outlined in our Constitution and By-laws.

Discounted Subscription Rates

Members get discounted rates for both Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. Have a small business? Looking to attract new clientele? Members get discounted rates for setting up stalls and banners to promote their business during BANC events.

Lead and Change

An an organization, we are intrinsically connected with several other community organizations that serve the Asian community in the Triangle and beyond. BANC serves as the voice of the Triangle Bengali Community and represents its membership. We often participate in large showcases that provide a glimpse of vibrant and multicultural India to the local community. We are as strong and as diverse as our members- WE are YOU.

    Ready to join BANC now? click here!

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