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RNJ Subscription Form 2024

This FORM is for Paying the RNJ Subscription ONLY.

[To PAY 2024 Annual Membership PLEASE use the "Membership" Drop-down menu from the HOME Page.]

Name(required - First Name, Middle Name, Last Name): *
Contact telephone (required - e.g. 9195550000): *
Email (required): *

=========== Spouse Information - Optional ==================

Partner/ Spouse Name(required, if present- first_name, Middle_name, last_name):
Partner /Spouse Email (required , if spouse Name is Provided)
Partner/Spouse - Contact telephone (optional):

================== Children - Optional ==================

Child Name (required):

NOTE to Members: Annual Membership Payment is NOT collected in this EVENT Subscription Form. You can pay the membership subscription rate IF you have paid or will pay this year's membership before the RNJ.
Otherwise, you will be charged the Non-Member rate at the RNJ event. NO Exception will be made.



Last day for RNJ subscription is TBD

RNJ Subscription for members (required): *
Select the number of People: *
Select a Payment Option (required): *

Please note: Upon clicking the button "Submit and Pay" you may be automatically redirected to PayPal, if NOT the email sent to you contains a link. Use that link for paying the subscription. Until your payment is done your RNJ subscription is INCOMPLETE.


Message:  Durga Pujo Form Submitted. An Email Message Send successfully. Please Review the Email for Payment instrunctions. Close the of it does Not, Thank You

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