BANC serves as a conduit of information for cultural events and initiatives. We also showcase the immense diversity of our community through an annual magazine


Diganta 2009Diganta is the annual literary magazine published by BANC and distributed during Durga Puja, to our members. Entries for the magazine submission is open ONLY to current BANC members. The inprint-magazine includes a current Members Directory, and additional opportunities for members and businesses to offer greetings/promotions to the community via advertisements. The magazine also invites and showcases original artwork and writings by our members. Diganta serves as a valuable platform and resource for networking and community building within our membership.


BANC বার্তা

BANC বার্তা is our bi-monthly online newsletter with a compilation of news and announcements from within the BANC community. The newsletter features three sections, executive committee updates, member announcements and community announcements. Previous versions of the newsletters are archived on our website.