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Welcome to BANC, a 501(c)(3) organization, the official website of Bengali Association of North Carolina.

About Us

Bengali Association of North Carolina (BANC) is a cultural, charitable, social, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Bengali culture, education and social activities in and around the state of North Carolina. We welcome everybody interested in our culture and heritage to join us. Membership is open to any individual who subscribes to BANC’s mission. We pride ourselves in the rich cultural, social and networking experience we provide for the 200 or so member families that call this part of the world their home.

The history of BANC goes back all the way to 1988, when the organization was first known as North Carolina Bengali Association or NCBA and an executive committee formed. In 2008, we were recognized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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Upcoming 2015 Events

Natya Sandhya – Two short plays for all theater lovers!

  • Saturday, November 14th, 2015
  • 6pm-9pm (Gate opens at 5.30pm)
  • Venue: East Chapel Hill High School auditorium
  • General Admission: $5.00; Kids & Senior Citizens: Free
  • Please reach us at exec@banc-online.org to get your tickets TODAY!

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KEEP YOUR FINGERS TO YOURSELF by Ebong ThetariX – Washington DC

– “Keep Your Fingers to Yourself” is a situational comedy about an expatriate Indian family settled in the US. A father from Mumbai visits his daughter in the Washington DC area. It’s been six weeks since he has been here, and there are four more weeks to go. The father is getting restless while the daughter keeps saying, “I’m so happy you’re here, Papa”. The son-in-law cares for him and treats him well. Things look up in the mornings and evenings when there are people in the house. But the emptiness and the silence in the middle of the day gets the better of him. The father wants to leave as he is ardently missing his association with Mumbai—his own flat, the people, the hullabaloo, and the circumstances he is more comfortable with. What he misses the most is his ability to do things or to go somewhere independently. Is he a well-treated first class prisoner in his daughter’s house? Is he stuck?

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SANKOTA DULCHE by Carolina Little Theater Workshop – North Carolina

– Sankota Dulche is a contemporary drama focusing on several uncomfortable social issues that we collectively face as members of the South East Asian Diaspora. As our children grow up in this cosmopolitan, outwardly liberal yet deeply polarized American society they will face relationship problems across the lines of religious, cultural and gender identity. Should we create a wall around or help them build a bridge over these divides?
Ritoma, the bright and beautiful medical intern from an Indian Hindu family gets acquainted with a Bangladeshi scientist, Jamal and an Indian physician Neeraj at the same time. She likes Jamal for his idealism and love for Bengali language but also feels attracted to the ambitious and flamboyant Neeraj. Alisha is Ritoma’s best friend and facing her own problems with social prejudices. As Ritoma explores her feelings towards Jamal, the geopolitical events unfold and Ritoma is torn between her true feelings and the demands of the mainstream society around her.